Ezidi Youth Network (EYN)

We believe in the importance of empowering young people to bring fundamental changes in society. 

Ezidi Youth Network (EYN) is a network established among young professional Ezidi persons from around the world.

The network is keen to act dynamically in face of enormous challenges after the 2014 genocide by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), to revive Ezidi society and move towards a better future by highlighting and prioritising current fundamental needs. It aims at working in continuous coordination locally and internationally to attract attention and interest.

EYN aims at helping youth to develop their bright ideas and transform them into actions in order to build a fairer society and to support them in their leadership role to address challenging conditions. This will also allow young people to effectively contribute and enhance their capability of producing changes in their environment. 

EYN seeks to provide practical volunteering opportunities, exchange of experiences and partnerships with youth groups from international communities to share awareness about our ongoing tragedy and to build a sustainable network standing in solidarity with our efforts. 

Farida Global Organization and Voice Of Ezidis came together to help lead and strategically guide the EYN throughout the main objectives which will help to overcome the barriers that young people face by: 

  • Building a network of young people locally and internationally that will enable them to underline their needs and requirements to serve society. 
  • Advocating to promote and enhance young people’s ideas.
  • Giving young people the voice they deserve and help them reach their full potential in decision-making and leadership roles
  • Building a joint platform to give space to share insights and ideas in order to create a plan.
  • Connecting young people with opportunities to transform their lives that would also help to promote social change in their societies. 
  • Helping young people create a sense of cooperation and unity within the society. 
  • Motivating people to better participate in developing community programs. 
  • Promoting coexistence, cohesion and peace.