Our Strategy


Our Vision

Farida Global aims to give voice and support to survivors and their communities in a participatory, survivor-centric, culturally sensitive, and psychosocially informed manner.


Our Mission

To provide assistance and an institutionalized support framework for victims of conflict and religious persecution through raising awareness on the plight of refugees and advocating for their empowerment


Our Goals

Humanitarian Aid

Provide humanitarian multi-sectoral assistance to the most vulnerable communities affected by disasters, wars and conflicts, through our projects.  


Empower vulnerable women and girls to participate in leadership positions, dialogue and peace building process after conflicts in Iraq, Syria and worldwide.

Advocacy and Awareness Raising

Promote and advocate for human rights, including human trafficking and modern slavery, while promoting gender equality to empower women and supporting minorities such as Yazidi and Christians.

Climate Change

We provide support and assistance to displaced victims of the harsh effects of Climate change like flooding and other natural disasters globally. We join other stakeholders in environmental protection by creating awareness on climate change and its effects.

Integration and Social Cohesion

Provide support so that refugees and migrants have a dignified life and integrate well in their new area of residencies