Donations Directly Impact Life Of Orphans

Nearly 3,000 Yazidi children were orphaned after the invasion of ISIS on the Yazidis in the district of Sinjar, Iraq.

In the picture are orphan children who lost their mother as a result of the bombing. She was detained, kidnapped and violated by ISIS. This is after their father was also killed by ISIS at the beginning of the invasion. These children were living in captivity by the brutal ISIS terrorist organization. These child war victims are at risk of being left behind; they live in extreme poverty. Now they live in an abandoned, substandard shelter with their uncle, who is also powerless.

Thankfully, a German woman donated to these orphans, which enabled Farida Global Organization to buy clothes and other needs for these children. This will help to draw a smile on their faces, especially during the Yazidi New Year’s Day, a few days later.

If you feel that children like these should be remembered and taken care of, not forgotten, please considering contributing, to put smiles on these children faces.

Donation through:

1-            Direct

Name: Farida e.V.

IBAN: DE95 4306 0967 1112 4180 00


2-            Use this link:

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