Farida Global Gathered Hundreds of Yazidis to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide

Wednesday, August 3rd marked the 8th anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide. On this day, the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)” invaded #Sinjar region.  Thousands of women and children were enslaved, raped, and sold or recruited as child soldiers. The men were mostly executed on the spot.

On this sorrowful occasion, together Farida Global Organization and Nadia’s Initiative organized and an event in the city of Stuttgart in Germany that included #TheWomenWhoBeatISIS exhibition.

At this event, we had the honor of receiving a big number of guests from the Yazidi community in Germany, among them and mostly were the 2014 genocide survivors.

The event was opened with a speech by Farida Khalaf founder and president of Farida Global Organization, followed by speeches from the honorable guests:

Nadia Murad; the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador,

Muhterem Aras, president of parliament of Baden-Württemberg,

Marion Gentges, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister for Justice and Migration

Christian Rischter, Special Advisor and head of UNITAD,

Max Lucks; Member of German Parliament,

Ayla Cataltepe Baden-Württemberg Parliament.

Alex Hug, head of ICMP Iraq Mission

Michael Blume representative of State ministry of Baden-Württemberg.

Prof. Dr. dr Jan Ilhan Kizilhan, the head of the Institute for Transcultural Health Research,

Saeed Qasim Sulaiman, founder, and director of The Women Who Beat ISIS exhibition,

Marwan Babiri; Yazidi religious leader

Sana Alneamat, Yazidi Genocide survivor and Director of Women and Survivors Affairs at Farida Global Organization 

Sipan Khalil, and other survivors from ISIS captivity had the chance to gather and mourn this day together.

A folklore music was also played by Sahir Redor and his music band.

We would like to thank all survivors for their courage and strength speaking up and calling for justice and accountability.

Thank you all for your participation at our event and for standing with Yazidis during this sorrowful day. Your solidarity and care meant a lot to the Yazidi community.

Media presence Ezidi24

Photos by @rainerwaelder

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