Yazidi Genocide Memorial Day Campaign

We at Farida Global Organization, would like to announce Yazidi Genocide Memorial Day Campaign to mark the 6th year anniversary of the Yazidi genocide.

What Can You Do? How can you join the campaign?

Join our campaign by sharing campaign’s logo and your reflections on social media using
Campaign by @Farida Global Organization

Why This Campaign?

Six years after the ISIS genocide on the Yazidis, they still suffer from the aftermath and negative impact of the events. This is seen both in the security as well as the geopolitical status quo in northern Iraq. Religious minorities including Yazidis in the northern region of Iraq and Sinjar face difficult obstacles to their safe return. Several thousands of them continue to be internally displaced and unable to return to their home settlements.  New sources of conflict within the region threaten to disrupt reconstruction efforts. Even though ISIS as an organized terrorist group was defeated in 2017, the areas which were under its control have been devastated and remain uninhabited. Moreover, the presence and conflicts between different political and armed groups, means there is the possibility of Yazidis being persecuted on the basis of their religion. Read more: https://faridaglobal.org/campaign/                                                                                      We welcome all NGOs to be partners with our campaign, do contact us at: info@faridaglobal.org

About Farida Global Organization:

Farida Global Organization was initiated by Farida Khalaf, an Iraqi survivor from ISIS enslavement. She co-founded the organization together with other genocide survivors, humanitarian workers, activists and volunteers. With the vision to give a voice, assist and advocate for vulnerable people, minorities, and genocide victims.

Story behind the logo

Farida Global Organization’s Executive Director designed this logo for the Yazidi Genocide Memorial Day Campaign to mark the 6th anniversary of the Yazidi genocide. The temple in the middle is called Lalish, this is considered the holiest place for Yazidis. The black color refers to 3rd of August 2014, a black day for Yazidis, when ISIS attacked them. Green color refers to a new life, peace and hope. Farida Global Organization stands for peace all around the world, hope for a better future and advocates that a genocide will never happen again against Yazidis or any other group of people.

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