International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day (8th March), we at Farida Global Grganization collaborated with the Women’s Commission of General Council of Yazidis in Germany for a special event to focus on how women are shaping their future, with Yazidi female survivors of genocide as role models.

Yazidi genocide survivors, German female politicians and female activists were hosted by Princess Heide Von Hohenzollern at Namedy Castle in Germany.

We displayed our exhibition, #TheWomenWhoBeatISIS at this event to celebrate the resilience of Yazidi female survivors and their advocacy work to bring ISIS militants to justice and advocate for women rights.

We would like to extend special thanks to our speakers and panelists. Among them Dr. Buisman is a Senior Legal Officer with UNITAD, Pari Ibrahim Founder and Executive Director of Free Yazidi Foundation, Zemfira Dlovani, Chairwoman of Yazidi General Counsel in Germany, Sanaa Alneamat Co-founder and Director of Women and survivors affairs at Farida Global Organization, Hope Rikkelman co-founder of Yazidi Legal Network

The idea for the exhibition was conceived by our Executive Director, Saeed Qasim Sulaiman and designed by our Creative Director, Adrian Filho and co-lead by Miriam Weller.

We are very appreciative as always for the contribution of all our photographers and artists.

Photos copyright:  Thijs Broekkamp, Alice Aedy, Hailey Sadler, Maya Alleruzzo Ali Arkady, Afshin Ismaeli Andrea Dicenzo Sofian Dlkani, Faris Mishko, Ahmed shingaly, Rainer Waelder, Zmnako Ismael and David Lohm.

Farida Global Organization  08 March 2022

“The Women Who Beat ISIS” Photo Exhibition Copyright of the photos from the event goes to Thijs Broekkamp and Nidal Jafar

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