Official Visit to the Satat Ministry of Baden-Württemberg

As the majority of survivors living in Germany were brought here under the Baden-Württemberg’s Special Quote Program. Farida Global Organization organized an official visit to the Satat Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and met the honorable State Secretary Florian Hassler.

The delegation was led by Ms Sarab Alias, the Director General of Iraqi Directorate of Survivors Affairs (IDSA) together with the Farida Khalaf, Prisedent of Farida Global and other survivors of the #Yazidigenocide.

During this productive meeting, we discussed the way forward for fostering access to the Yazidi Survivors Law (YSL), which provides compensation and reparation to survivors worldwide, including those living in Germany.

We commend the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg for providing survivors with a safe home where they can live in dignity and peace.

With close collaboration and support from the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg we have contributed to the ongoing implementation of the YSL and remain committed to supporting survivors in accessing their rights and achieving justice.

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