UNITAD is closing…

Farida Global is pleased to have completed a comprehensive 5-day workshop focused on supporting the documentation and accountability efforts for ISIL crimes, organized by the United Nations Investigative Team to promote accountability for crimes committed by Daesh/ISIL (UNITAD) in Iraq. The workshop aimed to equip Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with the knowledge and skills needed to support accountability efforts for ISIL crimes, covering various topics including international criminal law, evidence collection and analysis, forensic medicine, witness protection, victim support, and best practices in ISIL accountability.
Throughout the workshop, our team had the privilege of collaborating with professionals including experts from UNITAD, prosecutors from Germany, members of the Iraqi and Kurdistan judiciary, and representatives from CSOs. Their collective expertise and experiences have greatly enriched our understanding of the complexities involved in holding perpetrators of atrocities accountable.

With this workshop our team diligently acquired the necessary skills and knowledge crucial for the documentation , preservation, collection, and digitalization of evidence. As UNITAD’s mandate draws to a close in September 2024, we recognize the profound importance of our role in ensuring that justice prevails for the heinous crimes perpetrated by ISIL/Daesh.

We extend our gratitude to UNITAD for their invaluable partnership and support, which has been instrumental in our pursuit of justice. With the knowledge and skills acquired, our dedicated teams are now fully equipped to effectively document, preserve any evidence encountered and collaborate seamlessly with relevant authorities.

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