Iraq President Meets Farida Global team and a Yazidi Women Survivors Delegation

On Thursday, August 3, 2023, President of the Republic of Iraq Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with a delegation of Yazidi women survivors and the team of Farida Global Organization at Baghdad Palace.

The Delegation, led by Ms. Farida Khalaf, president of Farida Global, together with a group of Yazidi genocide survivors and Ms. Sarab Alias, Director-General of The General Directorate of Survivors Affairs. The focus of the meeting was on vital issues concerning the rebuilding Sinjar, healing and future support for the Yazidi community.

During the productive discussion, Ms. Farida Khalaf presented an official letter to President Rashid, outlining four areas where the delegation asked H.E. Support.

1. Allocation of 1% of the Iraqi budget by 2024 to rebuild Sinjar.

2. Urging the establishment of a committee dedicated to locating and accounting for the more than 2700 missing Yazidi individuals.

3. Fully implement the Yazidi Survivors Law.

4. Enable reparative justice for Yazidi Genocide survivors and adopt legislation for domestic prosecution of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

“President Rashid stressed during the meeting that all Yazidi women survivors should receive compensation for the unspeakable tragedy they experienced. For this reason, there is a need to uncover the mass graves containing victims’ remains. He added that no effort should be spared to determine what happened to the abducted men and women who are still missing.”

“It is imperative that governmental and non-governmental agencies work closely with the international community, he said, to ensure that justice is served and that those responsible for these crimes are prosecuted. The Daesh terrorists who committed the most heinous crimes must be brought to justice and held accountable.”

“A global issue has arisen due to the crime of genocide committed against the Yazidis, said President Rashid.
There is a need to intensify efforts, especially in cooperation with international organizations, His Excellency said, noting that all Yazidis who are displaced should return to their homes and cities and end their suffering. The implementation of the Sinjar Agreement is imperative to restore security and stability there, he added.”

“President Rashid emphasized the importance of providing support and attention, especially after the approval of the general budget, to the Yazidi people and liberated areas that have been subjected to criminal activities by Daesh gangs.”

His Excellency stated that he is regularly following up with government agencies and United Nations organizations regarding the issue of returning the Yazidis to their homes, constructing and reconstructing their homes, and allowing them to administer their areas independently.

The delegation informed His Excellency of the latest developments regarding Yazidi women survivors and the abducted women whose fate remains unknown.

Farida Global Organization is committed to continuing its partnership with the Iraqi government, international community and relevant stakeholders to achieve the shared goal of restoring the dignity and rights of the Yazidi people in Iraq. The organization reiterates its unwavering dedication to the cause and looks forward to making substantial progress in addressing the needs and challenges of the Yazidi community.

Photos copyright: Office of the Iraqi President

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